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Wallpaper your image

Your personal wall mural

Wedding photos? Family photos? holiday photos? Avid photographer? Your own illustrations?

If you want to create a truly unique space, why not make your own wallpaper at no extra cost? Novel Walls can make that happen, check out the FAQ's below on how it works.

If you have any questions, get in touch: hello@novelwalls.com

How does it work?

What images can I print?
Your own photos! Vacation photos, wedding photos, nature photos, digitised illustrations. We cannot print licensed materials that we do not have, for example Disney images.
Choose an image that will complement the shape of your wall, bearing in mind some of your image will likely be cropped off to fit perfectly on your wall dimensions. You can decide which parts are cropped and view a proof prior to purchase.
Can we edit your photo?
If we can do it, we will! If you'd like to use an image but would like to make some changes to it such as a black & white filter. Let us know and we will create a proof image for you to view.
What size and format should my image be?
Remember the image you provide will be scaled to the size of your wall, therefore the image size should be the highest resolution and quality possible. As a guide, high resolution digital cameras produce great murals, however, smart-phone camera photos aren't typically good enough quality. We're always happy to check the image for you and send a digital proof before you purchase. We accept all usual image file formats.
Can I use photos from my smartphone?
Unfortunately smartphone photos typically aren't high enough resolution to produce good quality wallpaper murals for wall sizes. We're always able to provide a free proof for your photos and if you're happy with a lower quality image, we'll print it.
How do I send a high resolution image?
The best method to send your image securely is through one of the two services, Wetransfer or a dropbox link. Use this email service to send your image along with your details to hello@novelwalls.com
Will I get a preview before purchasing?
Yes, we will check your image and send a digital proof via email prior to purchase so you'll be sure you're happy with the quality. If you're happy, great! If not, no problem, we'll be happy to proof another image or help in any other way.
How do I measure my wall?
Measuring is easy, just measure the widest and highest points of the wall, ignoring any objects or slopes. Always add 5-10 cm / 2-4 inches to both your width and height to accommodate uneven walls.

Find out more about how to measure multiple walls and walls with lots of obstacles.

How much does it cost?
There is no extra cost for this service. The wallpaper is the same £37 / m2 price as our standard murals. If you're unsure on cost, email us with your wall dimensions (width & height) to hello@novelwalls.com and we'll get back to you with a quote typically within 24 hours.
How long does it take?
We aim to reply to all emails within 24 hours. If you've sent us an image and dimensions, we'll prepare your image and send you a proof within 2 working days. If you're happy to proceed, we will print and deliver your mural in 3-5 working days after payment.

Can't find the right wall mural for you?

Get in touch and we'll be happy to help - hello@novelwalls.com

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